Wind Breaking Net

A windbreak is used to modify climatic conditions, in order to create an improvement in growing conditions. Effective protection against wind damage Helps in protecting crops from damage caused by strong & severe wind and improve plant health, quality and yield. Crop protected from wind are able to retain significantly more moisture.


Windbreak also act as a defense against frost, low temperatures and hail. It windbreaks will benefit field crops, vegetables, flowering plants and fruit-trees. They also protect crops against the winds blown from the sea that are harmful because of the high content of salt.


Net protecting young plants in an orchard and help them reach full growth more quickly. Net windbreaks also help reduce topsoil erosion and are UV stabilized for extended outdoor life. These nets are essential to the process of germination from flower bud to fruit and to prevent windfall.


Specification :

  • Shade Factor : 75%

  • Colour : Green, Dark Green, White or Customized for Bulk volume

  • Width : 1.00 / 2.00 / 3.00/4.00/5.00 & 6.00 Mtr.

  • Length : 50.00 Mtr.