Agriculture Usage

  • For cultivation on cut flowers, vegetables & Tissue Plants
  • To protect ornamental plants & flowers.
  • To protect from birds & insects.
  • To prevent from hailstorms.


Tomatoes, Veg. Seeding, Cabbage, Peppers, Lettuce, Grapes


Pot plant, Gerbera, Carnations Nursery, Plantation crop, Anthurium, Chrysanthus, Roses, Diffenbachia, Orchids


Tea, Coffee, Cardamom


Cattle shed, Fencing, Domestic Shading, Scaffolding net, Car Shed, Interior Designing

General Applications :

  • Cattle & Poultry shades.
  • Swimming pool cover
  • Safety net for building repairs
  • Garden Enclosure and other fencing
  • Drying of graps & chilies
  • In balcony, open air restaurant, playground &vehicle shades.
  • Decoration purpose
  • Packing vegetables on pallets
  • Agriculture, Horticulture Field & Nursery.
  • For Flooring & Parking in Decoration Market.
  • Building & Construction.
  • Packaging Industries.